Member of RPA Council

Born on September 25, 1954, Idjevan town

1971-1976 - Yerevan Polytechnic Institute after K. Marx, Architecture Department, qualification of architect

1976-1980 - Idjevan regional council executive committee, head of architectural unit group

1980-1988 - Chief architect of Idjevan region

1988-1990 - Armenia CP Idjevan regional committee, head of Industry, Construction and Transport Section

1990-1996 - Acting head of Idjevan municipal council executive committee

1996-1999 - Mayor of Idjevan town

1999 -2014 – Tavush Marz Governor

As of May 17, 2014, Deputy Minister of Urban Development

Lieutenant-colonel to RA Armed Forces, he was awarded with the following State decorations: Anania Shirakatsi, Fridjoff Nansen medals and RA Prime Minister’s commemorative medals. He is holder of several thanks messages. He is member of the Armenian Union of Architectures.

Republican Party of Armenia

Married, father of two sons.