Born on February 14 1942, Yerevan.

1959 - graduated from Yerevan secondary school N57.

1964 - graduated from Yerevan State Institute of Physical Culture.

1964-1966 Military service in the Soviet army.

1966-1979 –Head coach in "Spartak" voluntary sports association. Chief specialist on physical culture and sports in Ministry of Communication.

1979 1982 - Head of the department of education and sports in "Spartak" voluntary sports association.

1982-1987 -Vice president of "Spartak" voluntary sports association.

1987 - Vice president of "Hayastan" sports union established by “Spartak”, “Zenit”, “Burevestnik” and “Ashkhatanq” sports associations.

1991 - President of “Hayastan” Sports Union.

1956 – practiced Greco-Roman wrestling. Participated in all-union and international competitions as a member of Armenian national team. Competition winner.

Honorary coach of the RA.

2003 - Honorary Worker of Physical Education and Sport of the Republic of Armenia.
Vice president of the National Olympic Committee of RA, Vice President of Student Sports Federation of RA.

1998 - member of the Republican Party of Armenia.

2002 - Chairman of RPA Council of Sport and Physical Education.

July 22, 2006 (10th Congress of RPA), November 10, 2007 (11th Congress of RPA) - member of RPA Council.

November 28, 2009 (12th congress of RPA) – member of RPA Council

Married, two children.