Born 18 July 1964, Yerevan.

Graduated from Radio Engineering Department of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute.

1981-1987 – electric valve factory.

1983-1985 - military service in Soviet Army.

1987 - founded "Breeze" production cooperative. Chairman of the cooperative.

1992 - founded "Samvel-90" (present "Samark" LLC), which due to its technical equipment and highly skilled professionals acquired great recognition in publishing business.

Worked in public institutions.

1994-1995 - deputy director of the National Institute of Labor and Social Research, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

1995-2000 - chairman of "Breeze" SCJSC publishing house of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

2005-2009 - head of Kanaker-Zeitun community.

2009 -2012- head of Kanaker-Zeitun administrative district.

2006 - member of the Republican Party of Armenia.

Since 2006 - chairman of RPA Zeitun territorial organization Council.

10 November 2007 (RPA 11th Congress) - elected a member of RPA Council.

28 November 2009 (RPA 12th Congress) - member of RPA Council.

Married, has a child.