Born on 6 April 1959, Jermuk, Vayots Dzor.

1975-1980 - Yerevan Polytechnic Institute.

1982-1985 - postgraduate study at Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

1980-1983 - Engineer at "Mineral Water" production facility.

1983-1985. - Engineer at Yerevan Polytechnic Institute.

1985-1990 - Senior Engineer, Head of Technical Department of Republican Production Association of Baking Industry, head of industrial engineering department.

1990-1992 - Head of "ZOVQ" production facility, Ministry of Food of Armenian SSR, director of "ZOVQ" factory.

1992-1995 - member of Committee on Privatization.

1995 - member of the National Assembly, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.

1998-1999 - head of Finance and Budget Department of the Ministry of Defense.

1999-2000 - member of the National Assembly, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Financial-Credit, Budgetary and Economic Affairs.

November 2000 - Minister of Economy and Finance.

31 May 2008 - appointed advisor to RA president.

2006 - member of the Republican Party of Armenia.

22 July 2006 (RPA 10th Congress), 10 November 2007 (RPA 11th Congress) - elected member of RPA Council.

28 November 2009 (RPA 12th Congress) - member of RPA Council.

Married, has two children.