Date and Place of Birth

March 5, 1959, Ararat village of Ararat marz

1976-1980 - Yerevan Institute of Physical Training

1979-1983 – Ararat secondary school, teacher

1983-1986 - Ararat cement works - secretary of Komsomol

1986-1989 – Garun review, head of editorial unit

1990-1995 – RA Supreme Soviet member

1990-1992 – Head of Supreme Soviet standing commission on defense and internal affairs

1990-1992 - Commander of Yerkrapah Volunteers Union

1991-1992 - Minister of Defense

1992-1993 – Presidential adviser on defense affairs, presidential envoy to border regions of Armenia 1993 – Head of Yerkrapah Volunteers Union

1993-1995 - State Minister on defense, security and internal affairs

1995-1999 - Minister of Defense

1999 - Prime Minister

On October 27, 1999, he fell victim to the act of terrorism perpetrated in the National Assembly.

National Hero of the Republic of Armenia, hero of Artsakh, holder of Golden Eagle
Prose writer, member of former SU Writers’ Union, author of articles and books
Holder of Armenian Komsomol’s Lenin award in literature
Co-chair of Unity Alliance

Not married.