Member of RPA Council

 Date and Place of Birth

1967, July 20, Nairi region, village of Yeghvard

1985-1992, Yerevan Engineering Institute

1984-1985 Nairi road-building section, worker

1985-1987 Service in Soviet Army

1988-1992 Secretary of Young Communists Committee, Nairi Agri-Firm

1992-1994 Commercial activity in Russia

1994-1996 Director of Hayincomservice state-run company

1996-1999 Director of Hayptugh state-run company

1999-2003 MP, member of social, health and nature protection committee

2003-May, MP, member of finance and crediting and economic affairs committee

2004-2007, Minister of urban development

Since June, 2007, Minister of Nature Protection

2008, Re-appointed RA Minister of Nature Protection

On June 16, 2012, re-appointed to the post of Minister of Nature Protection.

A presidential decree was issued on May 8, 2013 to re-appoint him to Minister of Nature Protection.

2008-2014- RA Minister of Nature Protection

2014-2015- Governor of Kotayk Region

2015-2016- Head of State Water Committee Aram Haroutunyan to the staff of the Ministry of Agriculture-affiliated State Water Committee

Republican Party of Armenia, Member of the RPA Council

Married, has three children