Ideological commission

Chairman Lalayan Mushegh

General Work Plan of the Ideological Commission of the Republican Party of Armenia

The work of the RPA ideological commission, directly or indirectly, is carried out with the help or support of the following structures, by comparing their program work. The RPA ideological commission works:


1. With the RPA organizational commission, to provide ideological content and organizational support to the activities of the RPA ideological commission.

2. With the Youth Organization and the Council of Women of the Republican Party of Armenia, to ensure the ideological direction of significant dates, national holidays, and various ideological events.

3. With the RPA monitoring and analysis group, with the purpose of preparing ideological and analytical information materials, servicing the RPA website, organizing RPA training programs and other events.

4. With the RPA Foreign Relations Commission, in order to cooperate with the conservative forces of other countries, international sociological and analytical centers.

5. With the RPA's press and public relations service, with the aim of deepening the ideological component and using modern propaganda methods.

6. With the publishing house of the Republican Party of Armenia (editorial house), with the aim of involving new authors and topics in the journal "Hanrapetakan", the dissemination of ideological thematic brochures, and the publication of new ones.

7. With territorial ideological commissions, according to their working programs, with the vision to provide comprehensive support to ideological materials, speakers.


8. With like-minded organizations and individuals, in order to support their patriotic works, expand their circle.

9. With Noravank Foundation, other information analytical and scientific and educational institutions, in order to support the speeches of RPA members in their work, publications.