Publishing activity of RPA

Since the day of its foundation, the Republican Party of Armenia has considered the importance of informing the public about its ideology and approaches. The ideology of the party, that is based on “Tseghakron” and “Taronakan” movements suggested by Garegin Nzhdeh and the like-minded persons, was presented in ‘Paros Hayastani” (1990), in “Hanrapetakan” (1991-1998), which was an official newspaper of the Party, in “Zhamanak” (1999-2002) newspaper, in “Azgaynakan matenashar” /´National series´/ (1996-1997) publication, in some books of ideological embracement and digests.

By the initiative of the Party, “Azgaynakan matenashar” (´National series´) has been published since 1996, and aims at illustrating the role of Armenian nationalism in our society, taking into consideration the theoretical values of past and present conditions stemming from the realities. In “Azgaynakan matenashar” (´National series´) and in the Party`s other publications the ideology of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) is represented based on the manuscripts, and covers the theoretical heritage of ideologists of ´Tseghakron” and “Taronakan” movements Garegin Nzhdeh and Hayk Asatrian. At the same time an attempt is made to modernize and reinvent those manifestations.

Since March 2003 RPA has issued “Hanrapetakan” (“The Republican”) ideological – political and analytical magazine. It expresses Party`s approaches and evaluations of the modern world of global changes, geopolitical rearrangements and regional processes. At the same time it gives recommendations for relevant actions. In the magazine significant role is given to the history of nationalism and the questions relating the ideology. 

Editor of "Hanrapetakan" periodical LALAYAN Mushegh