PM Attends NAS Annual Meeting


Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan attended today the annual general meeting of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in the conference hall of the National Academy of Sciences. The meeting reviewed the main results of scientific and organizational activities of the National Academy of Sciences in 2015.

Before proceeding to the agenda, the attendees observed a minute of silence in memory of those Armenian servicemen and civilians killed in the warfare recently unleashed by Azerbaijan at the contact line between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. A minute of silence was also held to commemorate those academicians who passed away in 2015.

In his welcoming speech, the Prime Minister said that the annual general meeting of NAS offers an opportunity to discuss and summarize the results of the work of scientists in order to define future actions.

“Considering that education, science and high technology are at the heart of a modern State, the development of science and research has been set as a priority by the Government of Armenia. We have developed a clear-cut policy and our efforts will be focused on the development of science and research, addressing the problems that are faced in this field, as well as on ensuring annual increase in its funding.

Within the framework of the international agreements already signed, the Government is striving to promote close cooperation between Armenian scientists and world-renowned research centers, deepen integration with the European scientific community, including in particular Armenia’s adherence to the European Union’s Horizon 2020 science and technology program as an associate member, which is due to be signed this May,” the Prime Minister said.

In Hovik Abrahamyan’s words, strong with centuries-old scientific traditions, innovative ideas and developments are among our country’s key resources, and we must do everything to tap it on. “I am sure that the NAS should think about consolidating its capabilities and resources to implement structural changes aimed at optimizing the workings of our research system, defining strategic tasks and objectives, bearing in mind the need to cope with successfully.

We need to consider the science and research from the standpoint of economic development, but also from the perspective of national security. I wish to declare from this high rostrum that the Government will continue to listen to all such reasonable concern as may be voiced by the National Academy of Sciences,” the Prime Minister underscored wishing fruitful work, new ideas and scientific achievements to the meeting participants.

Then NAS President Radik Martirosyan delivered the final report on NAS activities in 2015. RA NAS Academician-Secretary, corresponding member Hrant Matevosyan reported back the organizational activities carried out in the period under review, followed by the remarks and speeches of academicians, corresponding members and scientists.

Summing up the reports, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan expressed his vision of future actions: “First, we need to establish sustainable development to ensure the system of science and technology sector, modernize the material and technical base and infrastructure of the sector, to ensure sustainable growth in the highly skilled workforce in the field of science and technology, to provide young specialists to science and to realize a smooth change of academic generation, supply effective public protection and advancement of fundamental scientific research, development, promotion of scientific organizations, research aimed at acquiring the knowledge used in the economy, innovations and patents of addition, the shape of science, technology and harmonious system containing knowledge development, innovation, and ensure that knowledge targeted investment in education and economy to ensure the development of primary studies, significantly expanded international cooperation in science and technology in the field of scientific and technical achievement in the future to ensure the proper position of the Republic of Armenia, for which the government is ready to bring its support.”

As regards the welfare problems facing NAS employees, the refurbishment of existing equipment, the implementation of new scientific projects and other issues, the Premier said that the Government will review and discuss all the proposals to that effect. Concerning a number of other, the Prime Minister issued instructions for the relevant departments.

The Prime Minister said that following two years of active collaboration with the NAS, the Government will keep in spotlight the problems faced by the National Academy of Sciences and, at the same time, look forward to practical results. Hovik Abrahamyan urged them to continue making active efforts in different directions and submit reasonable suggestions, which should also be financially efficient.

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