Government assumes costs of treatment of servicemen in foreign countries


A regular Cabinet meeting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan.

The Government laid down the procedure and conditions to be observed in allocating funds for servicemen’s treatment, accommodation and travel abroad. According to the substitution, the law numbered HO-72-N on amendments to the law “On soldiers’ and their families’ social security” provides the possibility for servicemen to undergo State-funded treatment (diagnostics) in a foreign country in cases where it appears to be impossible in Armenia, in accordance with the procedure and conditions specified by the Government.

The decision regulates the process of sending a serviceman to a foreign country for treatment, as well as the relations associated with the formation and surrender of the amount necessary for treatment, travel and accommodation abroad.

Referring to the issue, the Premier said, “Originally, it was suggested that the Ministry of Defense would be the one to cover the above costs, but this decision binds the Government to assume the cost of treatment of all soldiers who need to be treated abroad.”

The Government approved the “Support for small and medium businesses” program for 2016 and a timetable for implementing measures. According to the substitution, the Government shall take continued steps to provide State support to SME and implement appropriate programs for their development, as well as identify and eliminate barriers to SME development by continuously introducing more effective mechanisms to support SME.

The Government next approved the 2016 Tourism Support Services program and a timetable for its implementation. The program is supposed to ensure a 5% growth in incoming tourism for Armenia.

To support local farmers, the Cabinet adopted a decision on supply of irrigation water to water users in 2016. The decision will allow water users to get free irrigation water for 80 thousand hectares of arable land, of which 45 thousand in Ararat and Armavir Marzes.

Stressing the importance of the decision, the Prime Minister noted that it has been implemented on a yearly basis with a view to supporting our farmers, citizens engaged in agriculture.

The Government approved an amended comprehensive program for restoration of trout resources in Lake Sevan and fishery development in 2016-2024 with the strategic goal of restoring trout resources in Lake Sevan and addressing the existing problems.

The program will help create a fishery complex, which will include the following sections of the value chain of fish production: a small fry farm, individual farms on the Lake and a processing plant.

The entire process of raising and selling endemic subspecies of Sevan trout (Gegharkunik and summer trout) will be implemented at these chain sections.

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