Armenian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission Holds 17th Meeting in St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg hosted today the 17th session of the Armenian-Russian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation in the Konstantinovian Palace, presided at by commission co-chairs, RA Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan and RF Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

Welcoming the meeting, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan expressed gratitude to the leadership of the Russian Federation, in particular Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Maxim Sokolov and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, for the assistance provided to flood-caught Armenia citizens at Upper Lars border checkpoint and their airborne evacuation from the disaster zone.

Noting that as a whole, the agenda had been met, supported by regular contacts held at various levels, at which many issues were promptly resolved, the Prime Minister said to have met Maxim Sokolov earlier this year in Yerevan to discuss the pace of previously made arrangements and the prospects of infrastructure projects. According to Hovik Abrahamyan, positive dynamics in trade and economic cooperation has been recorded, which needs a new impetus, using the full potential of business opportunities in both countries.

The Head of Government said to be pleased with the fact that close ties of cooperation have been established in the economic, energy, transport, infrastructure, agriculture and other sectors; joint scientific and engineering infrastructure is up to help develop the innovative component in economic cooperation.

In terms of expanding trade and economic cooperation between Armenia and Russia, the Premier highlighted the importance of direct contacts between individual regions and, in this context, stressed the role of decentralized relations between the two countries. Hovik Abrahamyan highlighted the 4th interregional forum successfully held in Yerevan and the positive impact of humanitarian, educational and cultural ties that have a special place of the Armenian-Russian relations.

Hovik Abrahamyan expressed confidence that the issues discussed during the session, covering the entire range of issues of Armenian-Russian strategic partnership, will contribute to further strengthening of bilateral relations, as well as defining new directions of practical content in partnership.

In turn, Maxim Sokolov noted that in addition to regular contacts, today’s meeting provides a good opportunity to discuss a wide range of economic cooperation issues, find rapid solutions to various issues. The Russian Transport Minister said trade and economic cooperation is successfully developing between Armenia and Russia, trade turnover is on the rise owing to the fact that the two countries are in the same economic zone.

According to him, Russia is the main economic partner of Armenia. Russia is gradually increasing its investments in Armenia’s economy, including the sectors of energy, transport, agriculture, etc. Russia and Armenia have successfully implemented the measures foreseen in the program of long-term economic cooperation until 2020.

Maxim Sokolov expressed confidence that the issues discussed might contribute to the further development and expansion of educational, scientific, cultural and economic ties and will further strengthen the ongoing cooperation between the two countries.

The session took note of the report of the secretaries of both parties on the implementation of the protocol of the previous session of the intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation between Armenia and Russia. Proceeding to the agenda, the meeting discussed, in particular, the development of bilateral economic relations and regional cooperation, expanding the legal framework, the implementation of the program of long-term economic cooperation until 2020 and the program of action for 2014-2017. Reference was made to bilateral cooperation in energy, transport, industry, agriculture, migration, humanitarian, health, education, science, culture, sports and tourism sectors.

Within the framework of the meeting of the Armenian-Russian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan met with Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov for a private interview.

The parties discussed a number of issues related to Armenian-Russian cooperation, stressed the importance of strengthening Armenian-Russian economic relations and taking further steps to facilitate trade turnover. In this context, they highlighted the role of the Armenian-Russian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation and the importance of regular meetings.

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