Municipal music and art schools have been provided with musical instruments


Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan took part in the ceremony of granting new musical instruments to municipal music and art schools.The ceremony was held in the foyer of Yerevan City Hall. Prior to the new academic year the cultural and educational centers of the capital have been renovated and provided with all necessary conditions as well as new musical instruments.
In his greeting speech the Mayor stressed the importance of improvement of conditions in the cultural establishments of the capital and assured that all the programs realized in recent years will be of long-term character.
“Significant work has been done in recent years to provide comfortable conditions in music and art schools. Before both the employees of the cultural centers and the pupils’ parents used to raise various problems requiring operative solution but there was no possibility for solving those problems. And today we can say that almost 90% of municipal music and art schools have been overhauled. It’s a big achievement for Yerevan indeed. Today we have about 15000 children attending cultural centers and I am sure that as a result of the renovations made in educational establishments the number of pupils will increase. Today we started an unprecedented program in the history of Yerevan community within the frames of which we will consistently renovate musical instruments in music and art schools. I assure you that all our programs will be of long-term. I am also sure that due to consistent work of our gifted children and respectable teachers we will increase the number of our achievements gained by our pupils at various competitions both in Armenia and abroad. Together with you we will do our best to uphold the honour of our capital and our country”, stressed the Mayor of the capital wishing the children a successful new academic year.
Expressing gratitude for permanent support shown to cultural centers the directors of music and art schools in their turn noted that they had been waiting for years to have their centers provided with all facilities and musical instruments.
During the ceremony those present were greeted with the performance of the pupils of municipal music and art schools. 

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