President Serzh Sargsyan participated today at the reception in the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs held on the occasion of New Year and Holy Christmas.

On the occasion of the approaching holidays, the President of Armenia congratulated and sent good wishes to the staff of the Ministry, to all Armenian diplomats and ambassadors accredited to Armenia. In his congratulatory speech, Serzh Sargsyan spoke about significant achievements of the passing year, existing problems and challenges, works accomplished as a result of our country’s active involvement in the international organizations and integration processes, and the efforts of the Armenian diplomacy aimed at the resolution of the NK conflict.


Congratulatory Speech by President Serzh Sargsyan at the New Year reception at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Distinguished Mr. Minister,
Distinguished Ambassadors accredited to Armenia,
Distinguished Diplomats,

The passing year has been an emblematic one for us. Armenia celebrated the 25th anniversary of her independence. Twenty-five years ago, our diplomacy, just like our entire country, was making its first steps.

Today, Armenia represents herself to the world with a distinctive policy – constructive, balanced, principled, and trustworthy diplomacy.

Those familiar with our diplomatic style know that Armenia is guided not by the “against” but by the “for” principle. Armenia is striving to bring her contribution to the strengthening of the security and stability, formation of a positive agenda of international relations, enhancement of a mutually beneficial cooperation, and establishment of bridges for dialogues between different countries and cultures. It is testified to by Armenia’s active engagement in the integration processes, participation in the international peacekeeping operations, and active contribution to the agenda of international organizations. With this regard, I would like to especially mention the honor to host a summit of a major international organization – the organization of Francophonie. Armenia has received that honor for her vigorous, active diplomacy. It is a manifestation of solidarity and trust towards us from the multiple members of the Organization.

Armenia’s approaches and viewpoints are understandable and conceivable for the international community thanks to our consistent and principled foreign policy, thanks to your – those present here - clear-cut foreign policies.

The results of the summits in Vienna in Saint Petersburg after the Azerbaijani aggression in April prove it. The Hamburg Declaration of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the countries - Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group made in the end of this year, has shown how far from the reality the fabrications of the Azerbaijani side are with regard to the Nagorno Karabakh problem. At the same time, the Declaration has shown clearly how coherent are our approaches with those of the international community.

There is no doubt that it became possible thanks to the consistent efforts of the Armenian diplomacy.

At this moment, it would appropriate to note that experts, politicians or those, who believe they are, from time to time throw into the air the so called “options” for the resolution of the NK issue. However, in the reality they are not options but hypotheses. I state very clearly that until now nobody has been able to present precisely the option which we have been discussing painstakingly for years, and it is pretty understandable and conceivable, but when they are trying to get into the details, they slip up and start to speak of wishes. Diplomacy is not about wishes. Negotiations are not for making wishes true. I am not an expert diplomat but negotiations, I assume, is about the ability to reach compromise. And now, in your presence I would like to stress once again that since 2007 nothing other than the Madrid Principles has been negotiated anywhere. Why don’t we, being aware of all details, because we are the negotiators, tell our public all the details? There are at least two reasons for that. You, as experienced negotiators, know very well that getting ready for negotiations, you will not open up your “toolbox”, your hunches, your tactics or strategy because in the contemporary world it works like this: you say a word or two in Yerevan and they get to Baku, Washington, Moscow and Paris with the speed of a lighting and become public knowledge. This is one. And second, you all know that during crucial negotiations there works the following principle: nothing is agreed unless everything is agreed. If each time we return from the negotiations we tell our people “this sentence, this idea has been formulated this or that way,” two weeks later, when something gets changed, we would have to start explaining again why it happened and so on. However, it is not essential, the essential thing is that starting from year 2007, meaning from the moment when the Madrid Principles were adopted as the base for the negotiations, we have been working towards one goal – the final status of Nagorno Karabakh will be decided by the people of Nagorno Karabakh. We will not dither on this principle.

Our diplomacy has presented to the international community Azerbaijan’s aggression against Artsakh in April, the gravest violations of the international obligations and humanitarian law. The Armenian diplomatic corps together with the countries of the OSCE Minsk Group continues to work on the establishment of peace. Armenia is a proponent of peace. We know very well how precious the peace is. It is no coincidence that today the pivots of our foreign policy are peaceful resolution of conflicts, non-use of force, and the prevention of crimes against humanity.

Distinguished Colleagues,

The efficiency of our foreign policy is directly linked to the efficient governance of our country.

I am confident that the parliamentary elections of 2017 constitute an important milestone for calling into life the vision of the efficient governance in Armenia.
I am glad that this year, we have witnessed the instance of political maturity when the political forces represented at the National Assembly were able to form a consensus over the mechanism for the monitoring the integrity of the election processes. With this regard, I would like to thank the international donors for the financial, technical, and advisory assistance.

The Armenian authorities are determined to conduct the elections based on the legislation and international standards with the anticipation that they will become the best elections conducted in 25 years of independence. In the process, we will actively cooperate with the international community, looking forward to its constructive, responsible, and unbiased involvement.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I cordially congratulate the entire staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of New Year and Holy Christmas, those working in the headquarters, as well as those serving abroad, our diplomats who represent in the best way Armenia’s interests in the foreign realm.

At this point I would like to recognize especially the diplomats who are valiantly protect our national interests in Damascus, Aleppo, and Bagdad. Our colleagues serving there prove once again that the service of the Armenian diplomats is carried out not only at fashionable receptions but under the war conditions as well.
I send the best New Year wishes also to the ambassadors and diplomats accredited to Armenia, many of whom are present here today.

Distinguished Ambassadors,

Please convey my best wishes to the leaders and peoples of your countries.
I wish our joint efforts aimed at peace become especially productive this year, and our cooperation develop and strengthen even more.

Happy New Year and Holy Christmas!

I believe in the passing year you have also received a gift – this comfortable building, where we together with you will for the first time celebrate New Year. I hope these conditions will also help you to hold high the repute of the Armenian diplomacy. It is critically important.

Thank you for your attention.

I once again wish warmth and peace to your families in 2017, and first of all your own peace of mind. It is very important.

Happy New Year!
Thank you.  

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