The President of Armenia, Chairman of the National Security Council Serzh Sargsyan invited today a meeting of the National Security Council. In the framework of the agenda, the Chairman of the RA Constitutional Court, Chairman of the consultative specialized council on the legal justification of the constitutional changes Gagik Harutyunian reported to the National Security on the guarantees of legal security in the country, problems related to the legislative support for the constitutional reforms, and on the activities of the mentioned above consultative council.

In his report, Gagik Harutyunian stressed as important and urgent the issue of the guarantees of legal security for all countries who have chosen to move towards building a legal state and based on the overall assessment of the international experience he presented the principled approaches which might become a base for the development and implementation of the security concept. Noting that such a comprehensive approach towards this issue is being taken for the first time, the Chairman of the consultative council said that future steps will greatly promote the creation of firm guarantees for the establishment in Armenia of a constitutional democracy.

After the discussions related to the works conducted until now on the drafting and adoption of the laws which are nominally specified by the constitutional changes, are subject to adoption, changes or amendments, as well as the discussion on the upcoming works carried out in accordance with the pre-set timetable, the President of Armenia issued a number of instructions.

In the framework of the second item on the agenda of the NSC meeting, the Minister-Head of Government Staff David Harutyunian informed the members of the Council on the preliminary works related to the technical equipment to be used at the April 2, 2017 elections to the RA National Assembly.

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