Progress in government program implementation discussed with Prime Minister


Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan called a consultative meeting to discuss progress in the implementation of the government program.

Reporting back the activities carried out in their respectively fields, The heads of State agencies commented on the reasons behind non-performance or poor performance, as well as the steps taken to address the failures and the final deadlines.

With reference to the timing and quality of the proposed activities, the Prime Minister urged the agency heads to comply with the working discipline.

During the meeting, reference was made to investment programs. The Premier asked about the steps made in this direction, the date of launch of the selected projects, the financial sources, the partners and so on. Karen Karapetyan instructed to continue making consistent efforts and keep the matter under control.

Them the ministers of Agriculture, Sport and Youth Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs reported on the status of the priorities and measures set out in the government program. They dwelt on the priority programs, reforms and the expected results.

The following are the priorities in agriculture: mechanization and leasing, vaccination, supply of fertilizers and diesel fuel, loan interest subsidies, support to community development, expansion of the anti-hail network, introduction of the drip irrigation system, efficiency in the process of purveyances.

In the field of youth and sport affairs, priorities are as follows: promoting physical culture and mass sports among the population, advocating healthy lifestyles and bringing about a change in people’s mindset.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is set the following priorities: increased targeting of employment-related government programs, radical revision of the methodology for vulnerability assessment and the system of primary medical examinations, broader access to services provided to pensioners and beneficiaries, as well as introduction of the full circuit of electronic services and so on.

"Each department should be set clear-cut priorities and programs, along with specific targets, deadlines and responsibilities," the Prime Minister said, adding that the consultations of this format will focus on the priority tasks of several agencies to ensure that all Cabinet members are aware of each other’s plans.

The Prime Minister was also presented a summary of awareness-raising activities concerning the programs and measures implemented by State agencies. Karen Karapetyan once again stressed the importance of effective feedback between the Government and the public, encouraging the agencies to be active in this matter.

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