Taron Margaryan: As soon as weather gets better we have to start implementation of large-scale work


During the weekly working meeting chaired by Mayor Taron Margaryan the head of Municipality Department of Communal Services Hrayr Antonyan reported that by joint efforts with “Sanitek” company with the communal services of the administrative districts and condominiums snow cleaning activities are going on in the streets, yards and inter-yard areas. It was also reported that in parallel with the MES liquidation of icicles from the roofs of blocks of flats and public buildings is going on as well. Mayor Taron Margaryan instructed the persons in charge to organize Saturday clean-ups in parallel with the current work.
“It's obvious that various sectors of urban economy were seriously damaged during the winter and the real volumes of the damage can be estimated only when it gets warmer. According to the weathermen, such weather conditions haven't been seen during the last 100 years. The fact that in comparison with the previous years, this year we have used 5 times more sand and salt mixture to sprinkle on the ice in the streets and yards, proves it. And it's obvious that as soon as the weather get better we will have to implement large-scale work to liquidate the damage. All our services must work in emergency regime providing uninterrupted work of life support systems”, said Taron Margaryan.
The Department of Communal Services and the heads of adinistrative districts were instructed to inform and remind the entrepreneurs about their contractual obligations according to which they must clean up the areas surrounding their objects, both owned and leased and to liquidate the icicles on the roofs.
“Some entrepreneurs are unaware that liquidation of icicles from the roofs is their duty. The owners of private houses must be informed that they must liquidate the icicles on their roofs by themselves. If necessary, show them support but inform them that it is their duty and not that of the administrative districts of the Municipality of Yerevan. Go on cooperation with the MES and keep the problem at the focus of attention”, stressed the Mayor of the capital. 

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