Trainings for young politicians of Armenia with participation of RPA Youth Organization


On April 12 in Tbilisi the Netherland Institute for Multiparty Democracy conducted trainings on the theme “Struggle against fake information and propaganda” for young politicians of Armenia. The trainings were attended by young politicians from the Republican Party of Armenia, “Heritage” party, Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Armenian National Congress and “Civil contract” party. Anna Mkrtchyan and Ruben Tovmasyan represented RPA Youth Organization. The trainings were conducted by the editor-in-chief of Yevhen Fedchenko and deputy editor-in-chief Viktoria Romanyuk. During the first part of the training reporters spoke about fake information, its spread mechanisms and its influence on media, decision-making processes, formation of public opinion. During the final part participants got familiarized with peculiarities of distortion of video and text information, as well as with principals and tools of checking information. The training was concluded with presentation of final works concerning the above mentioned topics.

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