Congratulations to the young mothers


 On April 7, the RPA Women's Council members visit maternity hospitals, congratulate women on the occasion of the holiday and birth of the child. RPA Women's Council Chairwoman Hermine Naghdalyan, members of the RPA Women's Council R. Muradyan, N. Nahapetyan, G. Antonyan, J. Baghdasaryan and S. Beglaryan, members of women's councils of the RPA regional organizations visited all 64 maternity hospitals in Armenia and congratulated women, giving them presents. In their best wishes, the members of the RPA Women's Council wanted the Armenian women to live under the peaceful sky, careless and happy childhood for their generations, peace for our country, peaceful and creative development.

"This is the motive and aspiration of our mothers," - Hermine Naghdalyan said in her speech, wishing women aspirations and achievement of goals.
Happy motherhood to all of you!

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