Announcement by the RPA


 Dear Compatriots,

With deep sorrow and anger, we watched the video presented by the National Security Service. It is hard to believe that this is a reality. We are astonished and angry that something like this is possible in our reality in general, especially by a general who has actively participated in the Artsakh Liberation War. This is unacceptable and detestable.
Respecting the presumption of innocence, we declare that Manvel Grigoryan must be held accountable under the entire strictness of the law if found guilty, regardless of his merit. Anyone breaching the law, regardless of his merit, position, party affiliation, whether he is a deputy of the National Assembly or not, must be held to account before the law. These are not just regular words or ideas, this is an unconditional position, especially what has been presented, apart from the legal aspect, has an emphasis on the moral side. This is a blow to the moral values ​​of our people, the noble idea of ​​protecting the homeland.

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