The Office of the Third President of the Republic of Armenia responds to the lies voiced by Ilham Aliyev at a press conference


Today, during a press conference intended for representatives of local and international media, Azerbaijani President Aliyev made such ridiculous “serious revelations” that it would be a waste of time and completely pointless to refer to them one by one.
However, it should be noted that he is not far behind his current Armenian counterpart in terms of unscrupulous and irresponsible lying. It is quite clear why he is doing this now: he is trying to support his partner in a difficult moment. Probably both of them have severally suffered from the complex of a loser at different times.
Far from the army and with no knowledge or experience in military affairs just like his incumbent Armenian counterpart, he finds himself in ridiculous situations with contradictory statements and lies.
He recently announced that Karvachar and Lachin would never have been handed over under Serzh Sargsyan’s rule, while today he states that in 2016 Serzh Sargsyan asked to give him two weeks to withdraw the troops from the occupied territories. This could have happened only in Aliyev’s dream.
Has anyone ever wondered why Aliyev did not reveal that “request” to his audience on various occasions and did not boast as it is obvious that he could not help giving in to the temptation?
How come there was not a single mention of it the St. Petersburg document, which was negotiated in 2016. Was it not the same Aliyev who made a heartbreaking statement at a cabinet meeting in 2016: “Behind closed doors we are being urged to recognize the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh: Azerbaijan will never take such a step.”
Irresponsibility and lies have never benefited anyone in the long run neither in politics, nor in war, nor in any other case. Instead, they can do as much harm as one can imagine.

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