RPA in executive body



Deputy Governor of Lori Region, RPA Member

Born оn 26 April 1958, Kirovakan.

Graduated from Kirovakan State Pedagogical Institute /1980/.

Graduated from Kirovakan branch of K.Marx Polytechnic Institute, /1989/.

Mr. Darbinyan received his degree in economics in 1985.

1975-1980 student at the Kirovakan State Pedagogical Institute.

1980-1982 teacher in the secondary school of the village of Vardablur in the Stepanavan region.

1982-1984 Head of technical control division at Ministry of Transport.

1983-1989 student at the Kirovakan branch of K.Marx Polytechnic Institute.

1984-1988 deputy head of workshop at Kirovakan branch of Armenian SSR Ministry of Trade`s Construction-Rehabilitation Trust`s plant of building products.

1988-1994 head of the “Uyut” Cooperative.

1994-2000 Director of “Spitak” RCE at the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

2000-2001 Director of “Janaparh”CJSC.

2001-2003 a deputy at National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

2003-2007 Deputy Minister at Ministry of Nature Protection..

2007-present Deputy Governor of the Lori province of RA.

Married, has two children.