Congratulatory Message by the RA NA President Hovik Abrahamyan on the Feast of Holy Translators


Dear compatriots,

I congratulate you on the Feast of the Holy Translators.

We are the people, whose cultural heritage has not a centuries, but rather millennia old biography. That heritage has been one of the cornerstones of our existence and the evidence of our mental potential which will never be underestimated.

The lasting treasures of the Armenian translation art are the vivid visit cards in different times: starting from the translation of the Holy Bible by Mashtots, which has enriched the literary heritage of the civilized world. Since those times we have evaluated the importance of the translation art and have given a new breath to the literary treasures of worldwide value.

Dear compatriots,

The Feast of the Holy Translators is unique from a perspective of recording the spiritual and mental potential, assessing the value of writing and literature. Including it as a separate holiday in the official holiday calendar we document the evaluation-attitude of both the people and the power towards the speech, language and culture. We managed to create, write and translate still in the 5th century, and I am sure we’ll continue it also in future. 

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