The Secretary General of the Council of Europe responded to my urgent letter regarding the political prisoner Armen Ashotyan


 The Secretary General of the Council of Europe responded to my urgent letter regarding the political prisoner Armen Ashotyan.

Recently, I visited the vice-chairman of the Republican Party, political prisoner Armen Ashotyan and alerted all my international colleagues about the crimes committed against him. I highlighted the important points about the case in the letter:
Baseless Money Laundering Charges: Mr. Ashotyan has been accused of money laundering without any substantiated evidence or funds received. The judiciary act, having entered into legal force, confirms the absence of reasonable suspicion for the alleged money laundering charges.
Legal Compliance: Mr. Ashotyan has not signed any document with legally contentious elements or illegality.
Absurdity of Court Hearings: Court proceedings in Armen Ashotyan's case turned into a farce։ even the supposed victim stated that he was not employed at the relevant institution during the period in question.
Dissolution of the Alleged Victim: The legal entity identified as the victim, the Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) trade union, was dissolved before the alleged act attributed to Mr. Ashotyan.
Unjustified Detention: Mr. Ashotyan's arrest lacks justification, as there is no evidence supporting the exertion of influence on the involved parties. Furthermore, the court unreasonably denied his request for release, rejecting a range of alternative measures of restraint such as bail, house arrest, or surety.
Political Motivations: It is evident that Mr. Ashotyan's confinement is politically motivated, stemming from his outspoken criticism of Nikol Pashinyan in a live format
I implored my colleagues to actively contribute to the prevention of political imprisonment in Armenia․
Ms. Marija Pejčinović Burić, thanking me for my letter, noted: “While individual cases pending before domestic courts fall within the remit of the national human rights mechanisms, please rest assured that we have taken note of the information provided”.
Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs of the National Assembly of RA, whose powers have been illegally terminated, nonpartisan MP TAGUHI TOVMASYAN

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