NA Speaker Samvel Nikoyan Awards a Group of Doctors with NA Medals of Honor and Diplomas


On March 3 the NA Speaker Samvel Nikoyan took part in the solemn opening of the conference organized in Yerevan Mkhitar Heratsi State Medical University. It was dedicated to the path passed by the military medicine and it was taking place within the framework of the 20th anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army.

In connection with the holiday the NA Speaker Samvel Nikoyan awarded a group of doctors with the NA Medals of Honor and diplomas for the medical aid shown in the Artsakh freedom fighting and contributing to the improvement and development of the medical services in the system of defense. Congratulating those present on the 20th anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Armed Forces the Speaker of the Parliament said:

“One month has passed from the Army Day, which is included in our state calendar, but I think that during these 20 years for every Armenian every day is a holiday, because it is connected with our Motherland, our state and our Army.

Being created as a necessity, the Armenian Amed Forces at the same time is the birth of our people’s sincere feelings, result of the spirit, conscience of the soldier and his parent. It’s not accidental that the indiscriminate volunteer and ordinary soldier, certainly, became one soul and body for the defense of the Motherland, which especially was more expensive during those days, than their own life and their parent.

People, who were literally fighting for the soldier’s price of life, sometimes more realized and thought about that. And it was of no importance where was the field of fighting, in the frontline, field hospital, under the flow of the bullets, both in peaceful or comparatively peaceful conditions.

They have sworn in Hippocrates not for going to the battlefield and for the field of fighting, however with their work they gave new content to that swearing. Both in the fighting field, even in their working places being far from it, they put their opportunities and knowledge for preserving, adding the strength of the Armenian Army, keeping firm the soldier’s spirit and, of course, saving his life.

Those rendering medical aid to the wounded volunteer and soldier in the battlefield, had no military doctor’s specialty, but they had high conscience of serving to the Motherland, which turned into responsibility for the life of the Motherland soldier, and the Hippocrates’ swearing into military swearing.

They became the soldier’s caring commander and the commander’s decent soldier, the person curing the pain of the body and the one facilitating the pain of the soul, the unknown friend and the close stranger.

At the needed moment they held weapon and they also fell victims, though they were called on to save life. But, unfortunately, that was the price of the victory, the result of which is our state confidently walking day by day.

And one of the most important guarantees of that confidence is the Armenian Army with its invincible fighting capability.

The contribution of the doctors and medical workers, who were saving the soldier’s life in the battlefield and in the rear in the war operations, is undeniable in obtaining that confidence.

Their contribution of those, who today promote the development and upgrading of the medical services in the defense system, the training of future military doctors is big.

This is the proof of the realization that the pledge of our progress is combining of everybody’s efforts in the military service and in the civil life. Let God give us strength to fulfill all that in peace and stability.

Let me congratulate once again all of you on the 20th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia.”

Nine dozen doctors enjoyed the awards of the Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Yerkrapah Volunteer Union for rendering professional aid during the Artsakh Freedom Fighting. Ara Babloyan, NA Deputy, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Health Care, Maternity and Childhood, was awarded Jubilee Medal ”RA Armed Forces - 20 Years” of the Defense Ministry. 

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