RPA in executive body



Deputy Governor of Shirak Region, RPA Member

Born on 11 March 1949, village Ashotsk, Shirak Region.

1967-1973 – Yerevan Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Institute, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

1975-1977- Higher Party School, two-year program.

Work Experience:
1966-1967 – Ashotsk electric grid, worker.

1968-1975 - Head of Ashotsk regional committee of Komsomol, secretary, second secretary.

1977-1979 - First Secretary of Ashotsk regional committee of Komsomol.

1980-1990 - Instructor at Ashotsk District Committee of the Party, head, then second secretary of organizing department.

1991-1996 – Chairman of Executive Committee, Ashotsk Regional Council of Deputies (before the liquidation of executive committees in February 1996).

1996-1999 - Secretary of Shirak Regional Administration, deputy governor.

1999-2000 - Acting Governor of Shirak Region.

January 2001 - May 2010 - Member of RA State Commission for Protection of Economic Competition.

May 2010 - Deputy Governor of Shirak Region.

Married, has two sons.